Trump’s Speech to the Middle East was Amazing

Wowza. One for the history books. President Donald Trump Delivers a Historic Speech to the Muslim Nations The thing that is so amazing about this speech: When you see the respectful welcome the Saudis extended to the President and First Lady Melania, when you look at the Arab Twitter from yesterday and see that it was just gushing in praise for the President and the … Continue reading Trump’s Speech to the Middle East was Amazing

Why Jordan Should Annex Palestine

The President yesterday landed in Israel as part of his tour through the Middle East. The President reiterated his goal to achieve peace between the two nations in a deal that he would benefit both parties. However, the question is what would that look like? The UN initially partitioned the region into two different countries until, over time, Israel annexed all the remaining territories of … Continue reading Why Jordan Should Annex Palestine

Clinton White House V.2

For someone who ran as an outsider and anti-establishment, Donald Trump sure knows how to act like one. The President landed in Saudi Arabia on Saturday ready to do business and seal deals with our Islamic “allies”. At the start of his international tour, the Republican president signed the largest arms sale contract in US history for $110 billion to modernize the Middle East’s best-equipped army … Continue reading Clinton White House V.2

Where Are the Trump Supporters

  Polls show a stubborn 38% of the public is sticking with Trump, even as the disastrous leaks keep coming. Where are these people? I’m not sure, but they are certainly not among his White House staff: Wait a minute—wasn’t I called “deranged” then I pointed out that Trump was a moron? Did you Trumpistas expect… Read More At: Where are the Trump supporters? — TheMoneyIllusion Continue reading Where Are the Trump Supporters

Punching Leftists is Okay

The mantra of libertarians and supposedly that of the alt-right is freedom of expression; whether verbally, scripturally, or artistically, you have an unfettered right to express your thoughts. Many leftists have done a lot to supress speakers on the Right. The Berkley riots show the nasty extremes they’ll go to. But one has to ask, “if they won’t tolerate us why should tolerate them?” This … Continue reading Punching Leftists is Okay

Get a Skill not a Degree: How to live Like an Entrepreneur

Go to college, get good grades, graduate and there will be a job at your doorstep and the career that will let you raise a family of four or five in a nice suburban home. At least, that’s what we’re told… Student loan debt in America is now over $1 trillion. To put that in perspective, it is $620 billion more than total U.S. credit card debt. … Continue reading Get a Skill not a Degree: How to live Like an Entrepreneur

A GOP Immigration Bill That Actually Makes Sense

Amid debate over closing our borders and building walls or blanket amnesty and unfettered open borders; two Republican congressmen have proposed an immigration based on the principles of free markets and federalism. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado have proposed a bill that would allow states to issue their own guest worker visas. Despite what restrictionists may say, the US labor … Continue reading A GOP Immigration Bill That Actually Makes Sense

How Catholics gave us Capitalism

Conventional history tells us that the big founders of classical liberalism and free-market capitalism were the 18th century, protestant philosophers John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Adam Smith. But in fact, that’s far from the truth. Modern theories of Capitalism and Natural Rights predates them by two centuries; we owe our thanks to the Spanish Catholic philosophers of the School of Salamanca. The Austro-libertarian economist and … Continue reading How Catholics gave us Capitalism

What is Fascism?

You hear the words “Hitler,” “Nazi,” and “Fascist” thrown around a lot these days. But to see if they are valid descriptors, or just extreme labels meant to inspire a negative emotional response without any correlation to actual facts (a la John Kerry’s claim that American soldiers in Vietnam “razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Kahn,“) we have to know what those facts were. This history series on fascism and nazism will feature quotes taken from reputable sources, by the historians who lived through the events of the 1930s and 40s. Continue reading What is Fascism?