Why America is Exceptional

One of the greatest things about our society is that we can get ahead by helping others. Until recent human history, to get ahead you had to help yourself and only yourself. A job which helped others would only keep you down. Bill Gates is the richest person in the world. He gained his wealth through making all our lives better. Blacksmiths were not blacksmiths … Continue reading Why America is Exceptional

The Venezuelan Revolution against Socialism

One thing I have always regretted being too young to miss was the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Baltic Way, or when Moscow started down communist hardliners. I would have loved to see free men and women defend their right to be free and throwing off the chains of socialism. In my time, we have had similar instances, although often less successful, and less … Continue reading The Venezuelan Revolution against Socialism

What is capitalism

As defenders of free market capitalism, we have to ask ourselves, what is capitalism? In arguments, we often find ourselves in a situation. To use a cliche, is that real capitalism? Strictly speaking, capitalism is the private ownership of the means of production. This contrasts with socialism which is communal, usually through the state ownership of the means of production, but this brings up an … Continue reading What is capitalism

The Failure of Socialism

Has there ever been an economic system that ended in a more spectacular failure than socialism? While the average person in socialist Venezuela lost 17 pounds last year because of food shortages, in America, we are dealing with the problem of too much food. While socialist North Korea is dark at night, Capitalist South Korea is a beacon of the light and success of capitalism. … Continue reading The Failure of Socialism

The World is Getting Better– Thank Capitalism for It

I am a natural pessimist but even I have to admit, the world is getting better. Sure we have problems, the decline of Christianity, a crazy North Korea, ISIS, an imperialist Russia, and leftists, but on balance, we are still better off than we were thirty years ago. The Soviet Union and many of their allies collapsed and communism is now a joke. Economically, the … Continue reading The World is Getting Better– Thank Capitalism for It

Debunking Anti-Christian Anti-Easter Myths

Last Christmas I debunked eight anti-Christmas myths. This Easter, I wanted to add a supplementary article on Easter to the list. This article will cover both myths on Eater specifically, but also on the founding of Christianity. Sadly, or thankfully, there are way fewer myths that relate to Easter enough for them to get an article. Easter is based on the pagan god Ishtar Should … Continue reading Debunking Anti-Christian Anti-Easter Myths

The Case for the Catholic Church

Recently our Protestant co-author on the site laid out the case for Protestantism for an on-site debate. While we recognize that not all Protestants hold all these belief, as there are many variations of it (something we believe is a problem in itself), we are designing an article to present a case for Catholicism and against Protestantism, and we simply cannot address every nuance. We … Continue reading The Case for the Catholic Church

Debunking 20 Economic Myths That Will Not Die

In a time where the internet allows the spread of the most baseless myths, it is no surprise that many spread like wildfire. In a world where feelings often Trump facts (pun intended), I thought I would do my part and debunk twenty hilariously wrong myths put forth by the right and left. 1.Women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.¬† Is this … Continue reading Debunking 20 Economic Myths That Will Not Die