Punching Leftists is Okay

The mantra of libertarians and supposedly that of the alt-right is freedom of expression; whether verbally, scripturally, or artistically, you have an unfettered right to express your thoughts. Many leftists have done a lot to supress speakers on the Right. The Berkley riots show the nasty extremes they’ll go to. But one has to ask, “if they won’t tolerate us why should tolerate them?” This … Continue reading Punching Leftists is Okay

The State of the American Economy

One of the biggest questions in American politics is, “what is the state of the American economy?” Depending on who you ask, and the context of the question, will determine the answer. Before November 7th, 2016, most Democrats viewed the economy favorably while Republicans thought it was performing slowly. Today, those roles have changed– I wonder why? But even before that, answers depend in partisan … Continue reading The State of the American Economy

Why We Need the Austrian School

When I first joined the political blogosphere, I found the term “Austrian Economics” thrown around a lot by libertarians. The support for this school was and is common among libertarians, and when I first noticed this I was offput. It seemed to me that the Austrian school was nothing more than an excuse by which laissez-faire could be defended. This essay is an answer to my concern. Continue reading Why We Need the Austrian School

Bernie Sanders can Calm Down, Inequality is not a Big Problem

Abstract Income inequality is one of the hottest political issues in the United States. It was at the center of the “Bernie Revolution” in the 2016 Democratic Primaries and continued into the 2016 General Election. A 2015 ABC News poll found that forty-six percent of Americans thought that “the way income and wealth are distributed in the U.S.” worries them a great deal (Feather, 2015). … Continue reading Bernie Sanders can Calm Down, Inequality is not a Big Problem

What the Second Amendment Means

When the Second Amendment was adopted in December of 1791, the thirteen former colonies were less than a decade removed from their revolution against Great Britain (Brooks). To kick off the war, British forces attempted to take the arms of local militias at Lexington and Concord and the next day, successfully, at the Gunpowder Incident at Williamsburg, Virginia (Theobald). From the beginning, the Second Amendment … Continue reading What the Second Amendment Means

What is Fascism?

You hear the words “Hitler,” “Nazi,” and “Fascist” thrown around a lot these days. But to see if they are valid descriptors, or just extreme labels meant to inspire a negative emotional response without any correlation to actual facts (a la John Kerry’s claim that American soldiers in Vietnam “razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Kahn,“) we have to know what those facts were. This history series on fascism and nazism will feature quotes taken from reputable sources, by the historians who lived through the events of the 1930s and 40s. Continue reading What is Fascism?

The Case for Free Trade

We are seeing a seismic shift in America. In the post-World War 2 era, the United States has been a champion of free trade throughout the world, but today, America is led by the most protectionist President in 100 years. Although Americans may disagree on the benefits of free trade, widely accepted economic theory and empirical evidence are clear: free trade works. In the seventh … Continue reading The Case for Free Trade

Make Liberalism Great Again – Part 2

Following Churchill, classical liberalism found a new hero in the form of a young charismatic man considered by many to be the greatest president in American history, John F Kennedy. There is a definite reason why I opened this essay with a quote by Kennedy: he is the epitome of the liberal. As a matter of fact, classical liberals are often called “Kennedy Democrats”. JFK … Continue reading Make Liberalism Great Again – Part 2

A Story of Two Genders

Transgenderism has been around for awhile. That’s actually a pretty large understatement considering the phenomenon of gender dysphoria has existed for millennia. It’s always carried a hefty taboo and for good reason. Those who are transgender and those who know them are always hesitant to open up or ask questions, with the latter being afraid to offend and the former afraid of being discriminated against. … Continue reading A Story of Two Genders

Socialism: Mankind’s very own Mass-Extinction event

Socialism. The word has been subject to the utmost controversy since it’s formal introduction into the political spectrum in the mid 1800’s. People fear it, despise it, or embrace it. Wars have been fought over it. The scariest time in American history, the Cold War, was a result of it. Why has socialism taken the world by storm, and why is it subject to so … Continue reading Socialism: Mankind’s very own Mass-Extinction event