Trump’s Speech to the Middle East was Amazing

Wowza. One for the history books. President Donald Trump Delivers a Historic Speech to the Muslim Nations The thing that is so amazing about this speech: When you see the respectful welcome the Saudis extended to the President and First Lady Melania, when you look at the Arab Twitter from yesterday and see that it was just gushing in praise for the President and the … Continue reading Trump’s Speech to the Middle East was Amazing

Seth Rich Conspiracy Nonsense

Last week, Ben Shapiro said we need to wait for evidence on the Seth Rich case. This is utter nonsense. No, conservatives should not pause and give conspiracy theory nonsense the time of day. Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, we see discovered “ground breaking evidence”, and time after time it is shown to be our-right false, a misrepresentation, or just wrong. If something seems crazy, … Continue reading Seth Rich Conspiracy Nonsense

Why Jordan Should Annex Palestine

The President yesterday landed in Israel as part of his tour through the Middle East. The President reiterated his goal to achieve peace between the two nations in a deal that he would benefit both parties. However, the question is what would that look like? The UN initially partitioned the region into two different countries until, over time, Israel annexed all the remaining territories of … Continue reading Why Jordan Should Annex Palestine

Clinton White House V.2

For someone who ran as an outsider and anti-establishment, Donald Trump sure knows how to act like one. The President landed in Saudi Arabia on Saturday ready to do business and seal deals with our Islamic “allies”. At the start of his international tour, the Republican president signed the largest arms sale contract in US history for $110 billion to modernize the Middle East’s best-equipped army … Continue reading Clinton White House V.2

Where Are the Trump Supporters

  Polls show a stubborn 38% of the public is sticking with Trump, even as the disastrous leaks keep coming. Where are these people? I’m not sure, but they are certainly not among his White House staff: Wait a minute—wasn’t I called “deranged” then I pointed out that Trump was a moron? Did you Trumpistas expect… Read More At: Where are the Trump supporters? — TheMoneyIllusion Continue reading Where Are the Trump Supporters

10 Things the Left needs to Understand

The left makes a lot of mistakes. They have many fundamental misunderstandings of how the world works and that is why they are so wrong so often. Here are ten things they need to understand. 1. Profit is good The great insight every free market economist has, is the coordinating power of prices. Those simple numbers coordinate all the goods of an economy with all … Continue reading 10 Things the Left needs to Understand

Debunking Young Turks Nonsense on Sweden

Recently, Cenk Uygur, the Internet least favorite Armenian genocide denying progressive, and the Young Turks, released a video telling us silly Americans how amazing Sweden is. Of course, the video is nowhere near accurate but he basically calls conservatives evil, so he must be right. Right? Before the debunking starts, let me be clear about something. Sweden is not “socialist”. They have a generally free … Continue reading Debunking Young Turks Nonsense on Sweden