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Yes, Sweden IS the Rape Capital of the West.

It seems as though Sweden’s self-proclaimed “first feminist government” has done little to protect the women of their own nation.

Sweden made international headlines earlier this week when President Trump made reference to the disproportionate sexual assault crimes from migrants during his campaign-style rally in Melbourne.  These comments caused an outrage from the left, and countless mainstream media sources immediately dismissed them as outrageously false accusations, with headlines such as:

  • “Extinguishing Donald Trump’s Swedish Immigration ‘Fire'” – Huffington Post
  • “Trump Appears to Make Up Terrorist-Related Incident in Sweden” – NBC News
  • “Sweden on Trump: ‘Has Someone Stolen Our Meatballs?'” – CNNPolitics
  • “Trump Points to Imagined Violence at Brazenly Dishonest Rally” – MSNBC

Were Donald Trump’s comments really so dishonest?  Is Sweden’s rape problem really so trivial as to joke about?

Why has Sweden—which is supposedly considered a personification of liberal values by politicians like Bernie Sanders—seen sexual assault rates skyrocket in the past five years?

Some may recall that, last summer, even Grammy-winning band Mumford and Sons noticed the sexual assaults that have notoriously been occurring in Swedish music festivals.

“We’re appalled to hear what happened at the Bravalla Festival last weekend.  Festivals are a celebration of music and people, a place to let go and feel safe doing so.  We’re gutted by these hideous reports.

We won’t play at this festival again until we’ve had assurances from the police and organizers that they’re doing something to combat a disgustingly high rate of reported sexual violence.” — Official Mumford and Sons statement

Since last year, Sweden has welcomed over 190,000 refugees with open arms.  Refugees are provided with food, housing and education, as well as additional cash.  Sweden has always had a reputation for being a peaceful, harmonious, and liberal society.  One may wonder why their rape rate per capita is at a significantly drastic hike in comparison to other nations:


Sweden has a rate of 66.5 reported rapes for every 100,000 people, which is remarkably higher than not only its surrounding countries, but countries around the world.  There is no doubting that they have a clear rape problem.  Swedish politicians claim that their high rate of rape, as shown in the chart above from the U.N., is due to factors such as higher reporting, or a broader definition of the criminal term “rape.”  While those suggestions are not far-fetched (after all, it is the world’s first feminist government), it is nevertheless difficult to believe that Sweden ranks so unusually higher than countries like Jamaica, Bolivia, and Costa Rica for national rape offenses.  In regards to who is responsible for the vast majority of the crimes, the answer is clear:


It should be noted that the term “native Swedes” refers to a person who has two Swedish parents.

Sweden has been welcoming refugees and migrants for decades.  Sweden has a foreign-born population of 1.33 million, which is about 14% of their 10 million population. 64.3% of foreign-born Swedes were born outside of Europe, while 35.7% were born within another E.U. member state.  However, Swedish immigration has been slightly rising within the past decade:


To say that Trump’s statements were completely out-of-touch is outrageous in itself.  Though his words were construed in a poor and unprofessional manner, he is not wrong to say that, yes, Sweden does indeed have a rape problem.  And it can be directly tied to the negative impact of welcoming too many people who do not share a liberal worldview.  The circumstances in Sweden show why effective vetting is vital to preserve our own nation’s security.

A reason why Sweden has seen these shocking spikes is their overall societal approach to foreign-borns.  Instead of migrants and refugees assimilating into their new country, both Swedes and foreign-borns alike agree that they should conform to a more traditional culture in order to welcome newcomers into their country.  This has clearly caused a disastrous clash and a conflict of cultural interest.

Swedish government officials wear a headscarf while visiting Iranian President Rouhani.

If Sweden’s “feminist” government wishes to make an impact on supporting women in their country, then they cannot be held back in fear of potentially offending another culture.  Careful refugee admission through vetting is crucial to a sane national security. Continue reading “Yes, Sweden IS the Rape Capital of the West.”