The State of the American Economy

One of the biggest questions in American politics is, “what is the state of the American economy?” Depending on who you ask, and the context of the question, will determine the answer. Before November 7th, 2016, most Democrats viewed the economy favorably while Republicans thought it was performing slowly. Today, those roles have changed– I wonder why? But even before that, answers depend in partisan … Continue reading The State of the American Economy

This Week In Stocks

Gainers & Losers This week retail stocks slumped after almost all of them reporting weakened first quarter earnings. JC Penny(NYSE:JCP) , Macy’s(NYSE:M) , and Sears Holdings(NASDAQ:SHLD) declined the most, losing 17% ,19% , and 12% respectively. Sears in particular has had to begin liquidating its periphery brands to continue operating its stores and has produced reported losses of 2.2 billion dollars. They have produced a … Continue reading This Week In Stocks

Puerto Rico – 51st State

Puerto Rico is the more famous territory under the domain of the United States of America. Won after the Spanish-American War, it has served as a paradise for people across the world, rivaled only by the likes of Hawaii or the Bahamas. However, it isn’t perfect, especially as of recent. The recent economic issues plaguing Puerto Rico, along with its other withstanding problems, are evidence … Continue reading Puerto Rico – 51st State

Get a Skill not a Degree: How to live Like an Entrepreneur

Go to college, get good grades, graduate and there will be a job at your doorstep and the career that will let you raise a family of four or five in a nice suburban home. At least, that’s what we’re told… Student loan debt in America is now over $1 trillion. To put that in perspective, it is $620 billion more than total U.S. credit card debt. … Continue reading Get a Skill not a Degree: How to live Like an Entrepreneur

10 Best Presidents

American Presidents come in all manners of shapes, sizes, characters, and legacies. Some were great, while others were forgettable, and even more were terrible. Often times, when we rank Presidents we come across a particular phenomenon—many of the greatest Presidents are not great. We also have another phenomenon—the bloodlust phenomenon. Take the first twenty Presidents, almost every single one was either a wartime President or … Continue reading 10 Best Presidents

A GOP Immigration Bill That Actually Makes Sense

Amid debate over closing our borders and building walls or blanket amnesty and unfettered open borders; two Republican congressmen have proposed an immigration based on the principles of free markets and federalism. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado have proposed a bill that would allow states to issue their own guest worker visas. Despite what restrictionists may say, the US labor … Continue reading A GOP Immigration Bill That Actually Makes Sense

Why Trump Fired Comey, and What it Shows About our Government

President Donald Trump has officially fired the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey. Much of the world is scratching their heads at this move. Some question it’s timing, while others question what it has to do with Trump’s pending Russia investigation. I call all of that, and this, into question: what does Comey’s firing show about the state of our Government? The … Continue reading Why Trump Fired Comey, and What it Shows About our Government

In Defense of CNN and Fake News

If there is a way to make myself unpopular among my followers, it is not dismissing CNN out of hand. The “Clinton News Network” meme does have some legitimacy—let us be clear about that. CNN clearly has a liberal bias, but every single news agency does. Conservatives consistently citing Fox News, Breitbart or other news agency with clear right-wing biases show a clear double standard, “our … Continue reading In Defense of CNN and Fake News

Seize the Debate: A Conservatives Short Guide on how to Beat the Left

The high-ground is an important strategic position in warfare, and also in a debate. In debate, there is no physical high-ground, but there is the moral one. It is the position of truth and justice, which may not always be the position which makes the most people happy or creates the most wealth, but it is the right-position. As humans, I believe we all share a … Continue reading Seize the Debate: A Conservatives Short Guide on how to Beat the Left